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The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast

Feb 3, 2021

Welcome to episode two of opposing views. This one is opposing views on abortion. I was joined by pro-life activist Lila Rose, probably the best known pro-life activist in the US, and I was Joined by Mara Clark founder of the charity abortion support network in the UK for enabling abortion mostly in countries where it is illegal. Now I’m calling it pro-choice and pro-life because that’s what the groups refer to themselves as. I had people from both sides of the debate message me and say that it should be pro-choice versus anti-choice or no it should be pro-abortion versus anti-abortion, or no it should be pro-life versus pro-killing babies, these issues are very contentious, the point is to hear both sides. 


Now, this episode was spicy, I got a bit flustered with Lila rose and went on a bit of a down syndrome rant. Now please don’t take what I’m saying here the wrong way, I don’t hate people with down syndrome, we’ll get into that later you’ll see. It’s contentious. It’s bound to get spicy.


I tried to ask similar questions to both parties and I tried to play devil’s advocate to both. Please tell me what you thought in the comments but please try to be civil to everyone involved. Finding someone to have a discussion with after I got Lila Rose was insanely hard, so thanks so much to Mara Clark. If one of the people in this episode gets destroyed in the comment the chance of having an episode like this lessens. It’s really difficult for me to find more left-leaning people to come on so please again be civil.


Find more on Lila Rose on Twitter @LilaGraceRose, Facebook, and Instagram @lilaroseofficial


Find more on Mara Clarke on Twitter @maraclarke, and the Abortion Support Network website


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