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The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast

Mar 26, 2022

In this episode, Mikhaila hosts Rob Henderson—a PhD student in evolutionary and social psychology. His writing has appeared in The NY Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Quillette—among others.

Peterson and Henderson cover Rober’s notion of ‘luxury beliefs’, the dark triad of personality (psycopathy,...

Mar 17, 2022

In this episode, Mikhaila hosts Dr. Andrew Jacono, a world-renowned facial plastic surgeon, author, and creator of MADE, a minimally invasive hybrid facelift—the secret behind celebrities’ inability to age. 


He joined me to discuss everything around plastic surgery, including what goes into procedures, downsides,...

Mar 9, 2022

In this episode, I spoke with two members of the government, one in Ukraine and one in Russia. I don’t believe these guys necessarily have the view of an average Russian or Ukrainian. However, they do represent people in their countries.

First I spoke with Sviatoslav Yurash, Ukraine’s youngest-ever MP. Sviatoslav is...

Mar 2, 2022

In this episode of Opposing Views, we explore Islam as a religious and cultural phenomenon. Mikhaila asks her guests about peace, religious differences, violence, treatment of women, nonbelievers, Sharia, the veil, and much more.

Mohammed Hijab is an author and philosopher of religion who seeks to spread a better...