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The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast

Oct 27, 2020

Jocko (retired Navy SEAL, author, podcaster, entrepreneur) and I discuss friends that stick with you through tough times, balancing work and life with equal intensity, stress management, and how to take ownership of the worst possible life circumstances.

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Oct 20, 2020

Andrew Doyle (British comedian, playwright, journalist, political satirist, and voice of Titania McGrath) and I discuss Titania McGrath, how Titania started, Titania’s banned/not banned cycle on twitter, the history of the social justice movement, how social justice and intersectionality has changed over the...

Oct 13, 2020

Dr. Michael Ruscio (Author of Healthy Gut Healthy You and Host of Dr. Ruscio Radio) and I discuss conventional vs. natural medicine and therapies, the functional benefits of probiotics, the microbiome and its effects on multiple health systems and parasites.

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Oct 6, 2020

Dr. Marc Mani (Plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA. Renowned for Scarless HD Lift & MIST) Mikhaila discuss scarless facial surgery, the most popular surgeries in Hollywood, and is Botox actually preventative?

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